PIMPAC Partners

PIMPAC is an effort that will depend on the collaboration and support of numerous agencies, organizations, and individuals. It is the aim of PIMPAC to build partnerships of Pacific Islands MPA practioners and to bring support to the region towards strengthening adaptive management of site based efforts and conserving the marine resources of the Pacific Islands.

Local Marine Resource Agencies and NGOs:

American Samoa American Samoa

  • Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources
  • Department of Commerce

Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands

  • Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • Division of Environmental Quality
  • Micronesica Bird Conservation
  • Pacific Marine Resources Institute

Chuuk Chuuk

  • Chuuk State Department of Marine Resources
  • Chuuk State Environmental Protection Agency
  • Chuuk Conservation Society
  • College of Micronesia Land-Grant Program

Federated States of Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia

  • FSM Department of Economic Affairs
  • FSM National Police - Marine Surveillance Unit

Guam Guam

  • Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources
  • Guam Coastal Management Program
  • Bureau of Statistics and Plans
  • University of Guam

Hawai'i Hawai'i

  • Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (KUA)
  • Hawai`i Coastal Zone Management Program
  • Division of Aquatic Resources
  • Division of Forestry and Wildlife
  • Kama`aina United to Protect the Aina

Kosrae Kosrae

  • Kosrae State Marine Resources
  • Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority
  • Utwe-Walung Conservation Area and Marine Park
  • Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization

Palau Palau

  • Palau National Congress
  • Koror State Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement
  • Helen Reef Resource Management Project
  • Palau Conservation Society

Pohnpei Pohnpei

  • Microneisan Conservation Trust
  • Conservation Society of Pohnpei
  • OEA Division of Marine Development

Republic of Marshall Islands Republic of Marshall Islands

  • Jailut Community-Based MPA
  • Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Agency
  • Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority
  • Marshall Islands Mayoral Council
  • Marshall Islands Conservation Society
  • College of Marshall Islands

Yap Yap

  • Yap Department of Marine Resources and Development
  • Yap Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Yap Community Action Program

Federal Offices:

  • NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
  • Coral Reef Conservation Program
  • National MPA Center
  • NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
  • NOAA Pacific Services Center
  • NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries
  • Department of Interior
  • Insular Affairs
  • National Park Service
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Western Pacific Fishery Management Council


  • The Nature Conservacny

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