Information Sharing

Information Sharing

One of the main objectives of PIMPAC is to encourage information sharing among regional members as part of an overall learning network. This section of the website is aimed at sharing any information among PIMPAC members that would foster lessons learned or provide resource information to other members. Any PIMPAC member can provide information to be included in this section. This section is broken down into the following categories: 1) MPA Support Materials and Resources 2) MPA Educational Materials 3) Grant Opportunities. Please contact Mike Lameier or Betty Sigrah  if you have information you would like to share with PIMPAC members.

Job Announcements:

MCT-PIMPAC Socio-Economic Monitoring (SEM) Regional Mentor (submit application before Oct 20th)

PIMPAC Communication Strategy

MPA Support Materials and Resources:

• Presentations given at the 2006 Management Planning meeting in Chuuk, FSM:

• Helen Reef: pdf
• Helen Reef Management Zones: pdf
• Helen Reef Conceptual Model: pdf
• FSM: pdf
• Lenger Island: pdf
• Pohnpei: pdf

• Hawai`i Community Guidebook: pdf

MPA Educational Materials:

• Hawai`i MPA Newspaper Insert: pdf

Grant Opportunities:

• Coral Reef Conservation Program
 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Micronesians In Island Conservation



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