Training and Follow-Up Technical Assistance

Several priority MPA training topic areas were identified by regional MPA managers and practioners through the 2005 outreach report and the Guam meeting. These include MPA management planning, enforcement, monitoring, outreach & education, and overall MPA administration. However, because none of these was clearly identified by all workshop participants, the top priority was not obvious. Therefore, PIMPAC member have agreed that an effective approach would be to develop a long-term strategy for building a series of training modules that address the essential components of an effective MPA (e.g., planning, community outreach and participation, monitoring, enforcement, etc). The first modular training topic was decided to be management planning. While the focus of this training was be to support existing sites in the development of management plans, this information will also be useful for areas that currently do not have MPAs.

Throughout the next couple of years a PIMPAC will also support technical assistance to each jurisdiction to help carry out management planning training for a larger group of local islanders. These island-specific trainings will be more focused on a particular island or MPA site planning needs. It is intended that the island coordinators will use the skills learned from the regional training workshop and become the on-island experts to continue to assist with future trainings and planning processes. It is anticipated that second year training activities will focus on a second regional training module, as well as more island-specific trainings or exchanges. The year-two training topic will be decided within the second half of the first year’s activities. Through this approach it is hoped that island-wide capacity will be built within the next five years, resulting in a team of experts on each island that can support effective MPA management.

Management Planning Training Module & Workshop Report

• Community-based Marine Managed Area Meetings
  and Site Visits in Yap, FSM May 4-10, 2006: pdf
• An Effective Marine Protected Area pdf
• Report from Chuuk Training pdf

Management Planning Technical Follow Up & Assistance

 • 2006 Yap Follow Up Technical Assistance Report pdf



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