Socio-economic Monitoring (SEM)

SEM is a critical powerful tool for engagement and informing communities and others about the benefits of managing a protected area.  In order to be most effective, SEM should be coupled with biophysical monitoring in order to provide a comprehensive picuture of all the benefits associated with managing protected areas.

PIMPAC and its partners provide support for socio-economic monitoring, assessments and trainigs in areas or communities you work. Our ability to support activities is based on the availability of funding and readiness of communities. PIMPAC uses the SEM‐Pasifika guide to conduct its SEM trainings and assessments. For more information please contact us.

Reports from past and recent SEM activities are listed below.

SEM Pasifika Assessment of Tamil Municipality, Yap, FSM. January 2015

SEM Pasifika Reassessment of the Helen Reef Management Project, Palau, Jan. 2015

Micronesia Challenge Socio-economic Pilot Study in Ngardmau State, Republic of Palau. September 2013. Palau International Coral Reef Center Technical Report No. 14-08.

Pasifika trainng and assessment for: Kosrae, Walung Community, Sept 23- Oct 3 2013

SEM PASIFIKA Training and Assessment Report: Parem Community, Chuuk, FSM January 2011.

SEM-PASIFIKA WORKSHOP REPORT: Republic of the Marshall Islands
May 4-9, 2008

Socio-economic assessment at Ho’okena, HI: Assessing the Socio-cultural Characteristics of the Proposed Ho‘okena Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area (poster)

Assessing the Socio-cultural Characteristics of the Ho’okena Traditional Fishing Grounds: Results of a Household Survey-report, 2009

Socio economic assessment at Aunu’u :” An Investigation into Marine Resource Use and Management in Aunu’u, American Samoa:A House Hold Survey”

Helen Reef and the Hatohobei Community: SEM-Pasifika Socioeconomic Assessment Report

SEM-Pasifika study of resource users at Laolao Bay on Saipan, Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands- March 23 to March 29, 2009

SEM Pasifika socio-econmic Survey Report for Metipw Community Madolenihmw, Pohnpei, FSM

 Micronesia Challenge First Socioeconomic Measures Workshop Report



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