Partnership Building

Partnership Building

Building academic institutional capacity to address the needs of MPA managers in the region will take several years to address. To begin moving toward a long-term goal of developing a marine management program within the region, PIMPAC will focus on making academic institution connections, developing curricula, and piloting an internship program within the first year.

PIMPAC will begin in year one focusing on making connections with local community colleges and universities to identify the program capacity to incorporate marine management courses into existing programs. It is anticipated that at least two institutions will make a commitment within this year to incorporate an MPA management curriculum into their programs. PIMPAC will also begin to provide these institutions with a curriculum that will be developed based on the first training module, MPA management planning.

PIMPAC will also work to develop an internship proposal that mirrors the USP model. It is anticipated that at least one intern will be identified to work with a local college or university faculty member to carry out a specific community-based project that supports MPA management. This first year will pilot this project, which is expected to expand in future years to provide internship opportunities throughout the region.

Academic Alliances Documents

• PIMPAC Academic Institution Letter of Intent: pdf





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